5 Best Chainsaw Chaps You Can Buy in 2022

Best Chainsaw Chaps Complete Buying Guide ReviewsWhen working with chainsaws, it only takes a minute for the equipment to cut cause serious injuries. Chainsaws are meant to be sharp and powerful enough to cut through tree trunks in a moment. This just demonstrates the kind of injury you can expect to suffer in the event of an accident. Chainsaw chaps are well designed to keep you safe as you work. However, not all of them perform as intended. We sifted through the many products on the market and came up with a list of the best chainsaw chaps. The next section will help you find out which one you should get.

Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps35",37",40"2.5 - 3.6 pounds Check Price
Husqvarna Technical Apron Wrap Chap 40-42"4 pounds Check Price
Cold Creek Loggers Chainsaw Apron Safety Chaps with 35",37",40"2.8 - 3.0 pounds Check Price
Labonville Full-Wrap Chainsaw Safety Chaps2X-LONG, X-LONG, LONG, REGULAR3 pounds Check Price
Protective Industrial Products Men's Apron Style Chainsaw Chaps32", 36", 40"- Check Price

1. Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps with Pocket, Orange 36 Length

Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps with Pocket Orange 36 LengthThis chainsaw chap is particularly meant for people who do not engage in professional work. The design is made as per the requirements of OSHA. It covers the front and sides of the legs, which is sufficient protection for people who use gas-powered chainsaws. If you use electric chainsaws, you might want to consider a different product. It is also reasonably priced.

A nice feature of this chainsaw chap is the pockets included. Because of this design, users don’t have to take the chap off to retrieve items from their pockets. It is also made to be resistant to water and oil. You will also love the sleek design and light weight of this product. It also comes in multiple sizes. The designs are also made in such a way that you can adjust the waist size and the height. You can shorten the chap by two inches.

Cleaning this chainsaw chap is an easy task. You should just wash it in cold water and hang it to dry. Bleaches, detergents, and dryers can damage the safety pad of the product; and so, should always be avoided.

A notable problem with this chainsaw chap is the quality of the buckle since many people find it cheap. It can easily get loose while you are working, and this might make the whole chainsaw chap fall off, thus exposing you to danger. That said, many people say it is more affordable to simply replace the buckle instead of looking for a new product.

Another issue is the lack of capacity to stop electric chainsaws. Note that the chainsaws have high torque, and they will keep running even through the chaps. Besides, the chainsaw may slow down to give you a little reaction time, but will not really provide you any significant protection. It can, however, stop gas-powered chainsaws because of their low torque.

We would recommend this product to people who work with gas-powered chainsaws. This is because it works perfectly in stopping them. It will not do much to reduce risk when using electric chainsaws. Also, it offers you greater convenience when it comes to cleaning and maintaining it. The light weight and sleek design will increase your comfort as you work.

  • It is affordable
  • It works well in offering protection when using gas powered chainsaws
  • It has a sleek design with convenient pockets
  • The material used in construction is resistant to water and oil
  • It is light in weight
  • A wide range of sizes are available. You can also adjust the waist size and height.
  • The buckle is made of poor quality material and is likely to make the chap fall off
  • It is not good for people who use electric chainsaws

2. Husqvarna Technical Apron Wrap Chap, 40 to 42-Inch

Husqvarna Technical Apron Wrap Chap 40 to 42-InchThis chainsaw chap is designed in one size, which is meant to fit all users. Its waist is adjustable to 42 inches. People far beyond the average size range might experience some trouble fitting into the apron. That said, the waist only requires users to buckle up to their sizes. If the strap is not long enough, all you need to do is buy an extra one. You should still consider height since this device has less room for adjustment. The product meets the OSHA requirements and is also UL certified, which simply means that it reliable.

It is made of 1000 Denier Polyester and has a Tek Warp layers for protection; the whole product is coated in PVC. In essence, these materials are to help make it stronger so that you can avoid injury when working. It will reduce the level of damage done in the worst case scenario. The apron works by slowing down the chainsaw, therefore, giving you enough reaction time. It clogs up the chainsaw and through this, the risk of injury is reduced. Cleaning it is quite easy also since all you need to do is wash it in cold water and hang to dry.

It also has handy pockets; therefore, do not need to reach under the apron to get to the items in your pant pockets. In general, the design of this apron is attractive. Most of it is orange in color, although some slight variations are involved to improve its appearance. The material used in its construction is heavy-duty, and the stitching is properly done.

One disadvantage of this product is the one size design. Some people are bound to find it uncomfortable, and adjusting the size will take you a while. You should also expect it to weigh you down a little, but this is what makes it a safe product.

We would recommend this product, particularly because of its capacity to stop or slow down chainsaws with high torques. You also will not have much trouble selecting a size that fits. Selecting the size of a chainsaw chap is a complicated process, particularly because many people are used to choosing those that are similar to their normal pants. The process is slightly different with chainsaw chaps, and leaving greater room for error will reduce your chances of making a major mistake.

  • It can fit people of many different sizes
  • It is made of heavy duty material and can provide protection against high torque chainsaws
  • It is easy to clean
  • The design is attractive
  • It has handy pockets
  • It is easy to put on
  • It is heavy
  • People far beyond the average body size will find it hard to fit into the aprons
  • Adjusting the apron will also take you a long time

3. Cold Creek Loggers Chainsaw Apron Safety Chaps with Pocket 37″, Orange

Cold Creek Loggers Chainsaw Apron Safety ChapsThis is another budget apron. Again, it will perform poorly when you use electric chainsaws as it is only meant to provide protection when using their gas-powered alternatives. In that case, it will completely stop the rotating motion of the saw, thus saving your leg. The Cold Creek Loggers Apron covers the sides and front part of the legs. The material used in its construction is resistant to water and oil. Putting on this apron is easy and comfortable. This product is UL certified and also meets the standards of OSHA and ASTM. You can expect it to provide maximum protection when you are working with a gas-powered chainsaw.

This apron also has a sleek design, comes with convenient pockets, and its waist size is adjustable. If you are unsure about the size to go for, pick a larger apron since it can be adjusted to your size. The belt can be folded, and this reduces the trouble when wearing the larger aprons. Although the fabric used is very tough, the entire product is quite light.

This chap is great, but it still has a few flaws. One of its cons is its inability to stop electric chainsaws since the high torque of such motors will render this apron useless. At best, it will only slow down the rotating motion of the saw and give you a moment to manually avert the impeding danger.

We would highly recommend this chainsaw chap because of its reliability and affordability. It also has a sleek design and convenient pockets. As said before, it will not perform well in stopping electric chainsaws since that is not what it is meant for. Another reason why you should pick this chainsaw chap is the adjustable design of the waist. This means that you are very unlikely to go wrong with your purchase. To avert risk even further, you can pick one that has a slightly bigger waist.

  • It is affordable
  • It works excellently in stopping gas powered chainsaws
  • It has pockets for convenience
  • The belt is foldable to make it easier to wear larger aprons
  • It is resistant to oil, and this makes it easier to clean
  • It is comfortable to wear
  • The design is attractive and the whole product is light in weight
  • It will not work well in breaking the rotation of an electric chainsaw

4. Labonville Full-Wrap Chainsaw Safety Chaps – Orange Regular

Labonville Full-Wrap Chainsaw Safety ChapsLebonville is among the earliest manufacturers of safety chaps. For this reason, you can expect their products to be of high-quality and capable of delivering the necessary protection. This product features 6-PLY Kevlar polyester blend. The chap will cover a range of sizes, all the way up to a 46 inch waist. It is advisable to go for a size that is slightly larger for your body. The chap is covered by 1,000 denier orange cordura, which is very effective in resisting damage.

Unlike the other products listed here, this chap does not have pockets. Some people consider this an advantage since it reduces the overall weight of the chap. To others, it is an inconvenience because of the trouble you have to go through retrieving items from your pant pockets.

The material used to make this product has been noted to shrink over time because of the cleaning involved. This is another reason why you should go for a slightly larger apron size.

We would recommend this product to anyone who uses chainsaws, whether electric or gas-powered. This product works excellently because it is of high-quality and is capable of stopping the motors in electric and gas-powered chainsaw chaps. To make it easier to get your items from your pant pockets, you can use suspenders instead of belt straps. These will provide sufficient room for your to reach into your pant pockets without much struggle.

  • It is high in quality and is very effective in resisting damage
  • It is made by an old and trustable company
  • It works excellently at protecting your legs and body from injury
  • It covers a wide range of body sizes
  • It is light and comfortable to work in
  • It has nice crotch stitching to prevent injury
  • It has no pockets for the storage of items
  • The material used in its manufacture shrinks over time

5. Protective Industrial Products Men’s Apron Style Chainsaw Chaps

Protective Industrial Products Men’s Apron Style Chainsaw ChapsThis is a Forester apron chainsaw chap. It comes in three different colors; safety orange, safety green and forest green. You can get sizes from 32 to 39 inches. The apron comes with a side pocket for the storage of items. Its outer part is made of oxford material, which is resistant to oil and water. Again, this product should be cleaned in cold water and hang to dry.

An advantage of this chap is the way it can easily come on and off. It is also very comfortable. The apron is heavy-duty and can protect you from injuries caused by electrical chainsaws. A rotating chainsaw will encounter the fibers of the apron and get clogged before any harm can be done.

This apron might seem expensive; however, considering the damage that is averted by using it, the price is justified.

We would recommend it to anyone who prefers to wear an exact size of chainsaw chap. It will fit better than most of the other products in this list. In addition, it is highly effective at stopping the rotating mechanism of a chainsaw, regardless of the type being used. Because of how it fits, getting it on and off are quite easy. You can also get an exact size of chainsaw chap with this product, and this will make it more comfortable and secure.

  • It easily comes on and off
  • It can stop a rotating electric chainsaw
  • You can get an exact size
  • It comes with a side pocket for the storage of items. You don’t have to dig into your pants for your items
  • It is expensive

Chainsaw Chaps Buyer’s Guide

Chaps are important for the protection of the body as one works with chainsaws. Buying a chainsaw chap is not a difficult task, especially if you consider the above options. If you still have a problem deciding on the best chainsaw chaps, the subsequent section will be of great help. Here are some things to consider as you shop for a chainsaw chap.

• The Type of Chainsaw you are using

You first need to establish the torque of your chainsaw, and this is determined by the source of power. An electric chainsaw has very high torque, and many chaps will fail at stopping the movement of their saws. On the other hand, all chaps are designed to stop the rotation of a gas-powered chainsaw chaps.

If you are yet to buy a chainsaw, you should base your selection on the type of work you intend to do. In case you want to cut medium-sized trees, you will only need a gas powered chainsaw. On the other hand, if you need to do some thick hardwood trees, you will have to get a more powerful chainsaw.

For beginners, it is advisable to use a gas-powered chainsaw since an electric one can be very dangerous. Ideally, it should have a guild bar of 18 inches or less.

Once you make your decision on the type of chainsaw to use, you can proceed to select a chap apron.

• Quality

Quality is the most important factor to consider when making a choice of the best chainsaw chap. An injury by a chainsaw can take your life easily or make you spend a long time in a hospital. Because of this, you should lower your chances of getting injured by using a high quality product.

The first thing you need to check is the certification of the chainsaw chap. It should meet the requirements outlined by reputable organizations. Otherwise, it will be a risk to your safety. Genuine products are UL certified and meet the requirements of OSHA and ASTM.

Additionally, you should consider the material used in its construction. The quality of the buckle and strap should also be considered since these can make your apron drop in the middle of your work easily. Some materials also shrink after washing a couple of times. Once the apron shrinks to a point where it can’t fit you anymore, it will be completely useless. You should, therefore, consider the type of material used before making a purchase.

As a general rule, you are less likely to go wrong with older and more established company.

• Size

To find out the size of chainsaw chap that will properly fit you, measure your overall length. This is the length from your waist to your instep.

If you use an oversize chainsaw chap, you will be risking your safety in case it falls off. One way to go around this is to purchase a strap to tighten the chap around the waist. Properly-sized chaps are also more comfortable to use as they can be worn and taken off easily.

• Best Chainsaw Chaps Price

Chainsaw chaps are not necessarily priced according to quality. Some are simply meant to cover a section of your body, and this warrants the cheaper price. Others are only meant to protect you from machines with low torque, specifically gas-powered chainsaws. Chainsaw chaps are always manufactured under strict guidelines from authoritative organizations. Because of this, you can simply consider your budget and find any suitable product in that price range. You only need to make sure the product is certified and meets all specified requirements.


Over a 100,000 chainsaw injuries occur every year. It means that any moment you need to use one, there is a good chance that the machine will get out of control. Because chainsaws are very powerful machines, such accidents can even lead to death. If you are lucky, you will get to spend a very long time recuperating. To prevent such outcomes, you should invest in a chainsaw chap. This guide covers everything you need to know when going to shop for one. We have even reviewed the five best devices on the market right now. One of these should suit you just fine. Be careful not to buy a low-quality chainsaw chap as it will not protect you from injury. Also, never test the apron on yourself, and don’t use the chainsaw carelessly just because you have protective gear on.

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