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FORESTER Log Wizard Debarking Tool - Chainsaw De-Barker Multisaw Attachment Wood Planer Notching Bark Removal Logging Tools and Equipment Wood Planer Accessories Wood Shaver Model LogW-4000 Hard Case

$244.95 Prime

  • Multitool - Use the power of your chainsaw tool to cut through tree bark and wood. Great notch or joint maker. This log tool set can also be used as a knot grinder, for planing or post sharpening. Good for home use or professional work mill site.
  • Portable - Comes with a hard carrying case for easy portability. Installs easily on chain saw bars in less than 10 minutes. This tool attachment is very useful for woodworking, making furniture, cutting firewood, log cabin building and carving.
  • Universal Spline/Sprocket System - Sprockets can accommodate most chain pitches. Made for wide application so it will work with most chainsaw tools. Use either pre-drilled chainsaw carving bar or drill holes to mount to the end of chain saw blades.
  • Replaceable Blades - Comes with two 3 1/4 inch planer blades. Blades can be sharpened or replaced. Replacement blades can be purchased separately. Use this heavy duty logger tool to file bark to desired depth. Wear gloves and gear for extra safety.
  • Chainsaw Attachments - This attachment for chainsaws replaces handtools like the more time consuming shave or curved draw knife debarking tool. It works quick and easy as a bark remover or log peeler. Good for wood working, crafting and building.
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