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Oregon 410-120 Bench or Wall Mounted Saw Chain Grinder,red & 40466 Chainsaw Depth Gauge Tool and Flat File

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Oregon Product Bundle

  • Product 1: Universal sharpener: Sharpen almost saw any chain from manufacturers such as Oregon, Stihl, Husqvarna, and others
  • Product 1: Durable sharpener: Ideal for any user who sharpens chains semi-regularly and wishes to save time and money. Great for loggers, arborists, semi-professionals and home users who regularly saw wood
  • Product 1: Bench or wall mounted grinder: Sharpens 1/4", 3/8" low profile, 0.325", full profile 3/8", and .404" pitch chains from all manufacturers. Standing tripod can be purchased separately
  • Product 1: Built in light for better visibility. Safe sharpening: One-way motor rotation for greater operator safety. Wheel wear indicator. Top plate and down angle settings
  • Product 2: Includes one flat file and one depth gauge tool
  • Product 2: .025" drop-center depth gauge tool makes accurate, consistent depth gauge setting easy.
  • Product 2: Flat file can be used with or without a handle
  • Product 2: Learn the proper filing technique using the instructions provided on the back of the package.
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