The Sharp Saw

YUCHENGTECH Log Peeler Log Debarker Chainsaw Log Debarker Peeler Chainsaw Debarker Attachment Debarker Tool Main for Log Timber Processing

$107.99 Prime

  • 1.【Fitting for the chainsaws】: H-U-S-Q-V-A-R-N-A 137,141, 142, 235, 235E, 236; S-T-I-H-L MS170 MS180 181 MS210 MS211 MS230 MS231 MS250.
  • 2.【Anti-splash protection cover design】: It is safer to effectively prevent wood chips from splashing, and reduce the impact of stuck knives and splashes.
  • 3.【High-quality bearing】: The bearing is made of high-temperature-resistant metal material, which is wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant for longer use, lightweight design, sharp and durable cutter head.
  • 4.【Note】: The control knob should be in your right hand; It is not allowed to operate the item with weakened (not tightened) wedges; Do not develop a crankshaft rotational speed of more than 13500 rpm.
  • 5.【Application】: This product is mainly used for wood peeling, root peeling, etc.; often required by building materials stores, farms, construction projects, energy and mining, etc.
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