The Sharp Saw

HIKATOP 6 PCS 4.0 mm and 4.8 mm Grinding Files

$8.99 Prime

  • 【For sharpening 1/4", 3/8" LP, 0.325" pitch saw chains】 The saw chain sharpener fits 3/8 inch low profile chain pitch, 1/4 inch chain pitch, 0.325 inch chain pitch.
  • 【The package contains】 3 pcs 4.0mm diameter head and 3 pcs 4.8mm diameter head. This mounted point is made of high quality tungsten carbide steel.
  • 【anglebige Grinding Burr】 The carbide file can be used for at least 40+ sharpening operations.
  • 【Tips】 Sharpening from tooth to tooth. Sharpening from one side to the other. This ensures that the chain cuts evenly and straight.
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