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GZBEVITAR Log Peeler Debarker - Chainsaw Debarker Attachment with 6 Blades, Efficient Wood Wizard Debarking Tool for Timber Processing, Work Gloves Included

$109.99 Prime

  • ✅ Wide Applicability: Our new generation log peeler debarker attaches to most 65cc or smaller chain saws with 325 and 3/8" pitch chains, transforms your chainsaw into a multifunctional chainsaw attachment. We supply debarking tool to many lumber mills around the world and have received unanimous praise.
  • ✅ 4 Spare Blades and 3 Spare Sprockets: Customized special sprockets and blades, upgraded material, more durable. One spare 3/8''-7 sprocket, two 325-7 sprockets and 4 spare blades in our log peeler box. Sprocket upgrade is critical for cutting hard wood, ensuring the force of the drive pulley is transmitted to the blades without slipping.
  • ✅ 7.4 Ounces Lighter than First Generation: Those who have used the first-generation chainsaw debarker say their arms get sored after long-time use. Based on this, we have upgraded the material of the peeler's shell, using a stronger but significantly lighter high-quality aluminum alloy material.
  • ✅ Detailed Installation Instructions: We provide a full set of accessories and tools for installation, even a pair of work gloves included. You only need to drill two 5/16" diameter holes in the chainsaw bar and use the correspondingly longer chain according to the instructions.
  • ✅ 1 Year Warranty: Standardized production system and strict quality inspection system ensure high-quality products. High-quality after-sales service will solve all your worries. No matter what problems you encounter when using our wood wizard debarking tool, we will get back to you within 6 hours and provide a one-year warranty!
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